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The Palm Beach County Office of the Clerk & Comptroller recently released the November foreclosure statistics.  These stats show that the number of foreclosure cases in the county has increased 51 percent compared with the same time last year.  Notwithstanding this significant increase, the November numbers are still lower than the numbers for the previous month. 

Also significant is that the number of foreclosures filed in 2011 is still lower than the number of foreclosures filed in 2010.  Specifically, by November 2010, 18,968 foreclosures had been file in the County.  By November 2011, only 10,935 cases had been file, a 42.4 percent decrease from 2010.  For perspective, however, foreclosures in Florida continue to be relatively high.  Around 25,000 foreclosures were filed in the State in November 2011, the second highest total in the country.

The Clerk’s office sold 899 properties though foreclosures auctions in November, 2011.  Of those auctioned properties, only 142 were sold to third parties; the rest were sold back to the lender or mortgage holder.

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