Firm Overview

South Florida Bankruptcy Attorneys

West Palm Beach Business & Personal Bankruptcy Lawyers

Your search for a bankruptcy attorney in south Florida might take place during a measured period of financial planning or, conversely, under duress. This is because almost every enterprise, eventually, encounters business, legal, or financial problems that might benefit from a business bankruptcy attorney in south Florida. These circumstances can include:

  • Personal or business financial challenges, including difficulty paying on personal or business debts
  • Business disputes
  • Difficulty collecting on business debts
  • Difficulty collecting on personal debts

The attorneys of Kelley & Fulton, P.L. are south Florida bankruptcy lawyers attuned to clients’ needs to make cost-effective decisions that can stabilize their business and financial future. Our approach—whether serving as bankruptcy lawyers in West Palm Beach, as a foreclosure attorney in Jupiter, or as general south Florida bankruptcy counselors—is to explore all options.

The experience you need

Lead attorneys at Kelley & Fulton have more than two decades of successful practice in each of the following areas:

Always, the outcome for the client is options—alternative ways to deal with bankruptcy and foreclosure in Florida, from Jupiter to West Palm Beach to wherever your business and personal affairs need the legal protections to which you are entitled.

And that is exactly what clients tell us they need: solid legal advice that establishes or restores control of their legal and financial affairs.

Cost-efficient West Palm Beach business lawyers

Particularly in the current economic climate, a bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney in Florida has to work with sensitivity toward the financial circumstances of the client. This is nothing new to Kelley & Fulton lawyers. We have historically worked with businesses, individuals and families encountering scenarios that range from wealth preservation to financial ruin.

The stakes are high, always. But just as timeliness and cost efficiency are part of how our clients work successfully, it’s how we work, too:

  • We keep our overhead low
  • We tailor legal counsel to our clients’ budgets
  • We provide advice that preserves financial stability—keeping clients’ businesses up and running and ensuring stability for the long-term future

No time like the present

If you are considering a bankruptcy claim, are starting a new business, or are faced with a legal question, in all probability the time for counsel is now. Contact the business lawyers at Kelley & Fulton, P.L. to learn how we can help. We can help ease your worries and begin to plan for tomorrow.

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