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The Occupy movement has recently focused their attention from Wall Street to the thousands of homes in foreclosure across the United States.  Occupy protesters around the country are “re-occupying” vacant foreclosed homes, or homes that are at risk of being foreclosed by the banks.

The protesters are voicing their frustration with the banks they claim are responsible for the current foreclosure crisis.  The protestors point out the lack of regulations for loan modifications, the variable interest rates, and other profit tools and predatory lending practices some banks have been known to employ.

The Occupy Foreclosures movement has had some direct success at preventing banks takeover of homes.  Reportedly, the protester’s tactics in conjunction with the homeowners’ efforts have prevented the eviction of homeowners, prevented the auction of some homes, and delayed many foreclosures.  In some cases, banks have agreed to open or re-open loan modification discussions with homeowners on the verge of foreclosure.

It is too early to determine the impact this new phase of the Occupy movement will have on the foreclosure crisis.  In the meantime, some small victories have energized the movement and their visibility and strength keeps growing. 

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